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Looking at them, could you guess which one is the male and which is the female?

The chances are, if you didn't know already, you might guess the brighter red one to be the female, however, you would be incorrect!

The gallery founder asked to remain anonymous for fear that someone would try to harm him.

On Facebook (inset), the gallery posted the illustration with the caption: 'The same people offended over a "death threat" are the same people upholding death threats &violence.

This is an example of a secondary sex characteristic in the species.

In the insect world, there are interesting differences, too.

Irony.' That post was then deleted..A former undercover MI6 agent used to infiltrate the UK's jihadi circles has revealed how Dudley-born Hamayun Tariq caused the US to impose the ban after discovering plans to make laptop battery bombs.

The list below shows some of these characteristic differences between human males and females.

He proceeded to walk up Harbour Hill and through the village with his bags (this was before he realised that a carter could take them for you…).

Jimmy had planned to work a season in Sark, but secured some extra maintenance work at the Hotel for the winter.

In the animal kingdom, there are some great differences among the various animal groups, but there are also many similarities, and their examples are typically in color, size, and physical feature differences (e.g. You can test out of the first two years of college and save thousands off your degree.

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