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I also feel like, sometimes as actors and artists, we don’t really get to be an effective and integral part of the promotional process, other than doing interviews.

With Twitter and Facebook now, and all of this stuff, it really allows us to play and have fun, vis-à-vis the pictures that I send out on Twitter every day, or little videos, or whatever it is.

HEWITT: I have to say that, by nature, I’m like a 90-year-old woman, so the whole internet and Twitter and Facebook, and all of that, I’m very new to.

But, I am quite shocked at how much fun it is to be able to reach out to people, on a daily basis, and keep content out there, and how much it actually really does help promote things, in such a different way.

HEWITT: It wouldn’t be a secret if I tell you, now would it? I’m a pretty bad liar, and I’m not very good at keeping secrets. Being from Texas and having the show set there, is there anything that you drew on from your personal experiences to create the character or the setting? Riley and Linette (Cybill Shepherd) are there great combinations of my own mom.

I’m one of those people who is like, “Let me tell you what happened today. ” So, I feel like I probably would not be as good at this as Riley is. I feel like Riley is who my mom was in her 20s and 30s, and I feel like Linette is how my mom is now, in so many great ways.

That’s not what we do there.” I think people are having a pretty good time with it.

How did you mentally prepare for your first scene at the massage parlor? HEWITT: It was a little nerve-wracking, the first day, for sure.

With an absentee husband, Riley must learn to juggle being a mother to her two children with her job at a seemingly traditional day spa, that offers a little more than just massage therapy.HEWITT: I just thought it was really interesting, even with the movie.I think it’s interesting to create empowerment in a woman, who essentially could feel powerless and who could find herself in danger and could look at the situation she’s in, if she wanted to, as not very empowering. She’s making these decisions and she’s making them consciously, and she’s growing sexually, emotionally, physically and mentally, in this job. I just thought that that was really cool, and a neat message to send out.Do you think your stint on really helped you, in terms of getting ready for this role? It definitely prepared me for the work schedule and for the hours, and for what it’s like to promote a new show, and all of those things. I loved that about Melinda, and I really do love that about Riley. How hard was it for you to decide to jump back into a TV series regular role again?I think she’s, quite possibly to a fault, one of the most empathetic people I’ve ever met, and I think that’s a really lovely quality, and it’s hard to find in a human being. HEWITT: It took some thought, but after meeting everyone at Lifetime and knowing that this was the part I was going to jump into, it was pretty easy.So, I feel like, as women and men and people on the planet, you just have to do the best with what life gives you.Hopefully, on our show, people will have a lot of fun watching Riley do the best with what life has offered her, and it’ll be an interesting series.Essentially, even though we’re actors, the guys are strangers to me, at the time, and I’m there in lingerie.But, I will say that the guys that we’ve hired so far have just been such gentlemen. I think it’s awkward for them also because I‘m in lingerie and they’re in pretty much nothing, and we’re in front of so many people.My one male dog is very jealous because I’m gone a lot with the hours.I have had a lot of my guy friends be like, “So, have you learned anything in massage yet? ” I’m like, “I just worked 14 hours, so no, you cannot have a massage.