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And right before she left the bathroom, Val went ahead and urinated, while she had the chance.

She brought the wet washcloth with her, when she came back into John's bedroom.

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While John passively lay on top of Val, she gave him a gentle back-massage that lasted at dating club in parksville b c least five minutes.As soon as she entered the bathroom, she took a damp dating club in parksville b c dating club in parksville washcloth b c, and wiped John's sperm off her pussy.Then she rinsed the washcloth out under the hot water faucet. " "But I can't see very well without them," John automatically replied.Now go ahead and take your glasses dating club in parksville b c off." After removing his glasses, and placing them back on top of the night stand, John knelt down in between Val's spread-apart thighs.I want you to feel out my pussy, and play with it all you want.And then, whenever you're finally ready, I want you to me, John." John didn't say a word."Geez, I'm sorry, Val," John apologized, once his orgasmic feelings had finally wound down enough so that he could actually talk to her in a coherent manner.John could feel the sperm still oozing out of his penis.After all, he had just squirted his sperm all over the crack of her pussy.He figured that he might as well go ahead and enjoy himself as much as possible, during this unique ual encounter.