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Each level offers differing levels of comfort and style features at a premium.

Standard safety features across the range inlcude driver and passenger airbags and thorax bags, window bags on the A-D pillar, driver knee bag, Reversing Camera, Anti-theft protection package, ECO start/stop function and ESP (Trailer Stability Assist can be added as an option).

Powering the range is a choice of two engines - the X 220 d 4MATIC 4-cylinder 2.3l diesel, offering 163hp (120k W), or the X 250 d 4MATIC 4-cylinder 2.3l diesel, offering 190hp (140k W).

The X220d 4MATIC is available in both PURE or PROGRESSIVE trim with a six-speed speed manual while the X250d 4MATIC is avail be with all three model lines with a seven-speed automatic transmission.

Its move to a higher ground-clearance and the look of a 4x4 (even if the 5008 is only available as a front-wheel drive car) means the stigma of an MPV is no more.

The range kicks off with a pair of 1.6-litre units with either 100bhp or 120bhp, the latter likely to be the most popular with a 0 to 60mph time of 11.4 seconds and 113mph top speed, as well as 67.3mpg average fuel economy.While none of the engines make the 5008 what could be described as fast, the 2.0-litre diesels and the 1.6-litre petrol have easily enough grunt to cope with life carrying a family and all its paraphernalia and still keep up with the competition.However, the move away from the MPV theme has also been translated into an improvement in the driving experience for the 5008.The overall feel is that of a solid and well-developed car with good grip and predictable manners.Ride comfort is first-rate with all but the most severe potholes and bumps absorbed without fuss.Couple this to the fact that sport mode also pipes more engine noise into the cabin, which isn’t pleasant in the diesels, it seems incongruous in the 5008’s overall grown-up feel.Probably of more importance than the way the car drives is the design of the interior, as seven-seat cars live and die on their ability to cope with family life. Firstly, the digital speedo and dashboard design is elegant and simply styled, giving an impression of a far more prestigious brand.PROGRESSIVE (M4B 140 KW) Auto - £30,510X250 D 4X4 ENG.The reinvention of the 5008 has seen it go from seven-seat MPV to seven-seat SUV-lookalike that is essentially a longer version of the popular 3008.Those after a petrol have the choice of two turbocharged engines – either a 130bhp 1.2 or 165bhp 1.6-litre – that actually aren’t far off the diesels in terms of performance and economy.The smaller 1.2 manages a 10.4 second 0 to 60mph time and 118mph top speed as well as 54.3mpg.