Dating for full figured women

So no one’s gonna put themselves in this category unless it’s absolutely necessary. Could be anywhere from: to: Honestly About Average can run from Chris Christie all the way to Christy Turlington. Which is curious, because when you walk down the street pretty much everyone you see is carrying a few extra pounds. If I find a women claiming to be curvy, I email her almost instantly, regardless of any further details. Have an alarming fondness for using symbols instead of words? But in my experience, curvy reads as a bit of a boast, a way of saying “I’ve got a figure you’re not gonna forget.” And rarely has that boast not followed through.

Like “you could slip me under a locked door” necessary. I’ve been out with triathletes who for some reason consider their physique average, and bigger-sized women who weren’t willing to jump up to the higher categories. So when someone tells you they’re About Average, all they’re really saying is that they’re alive and a human. We should probably all be in this category, but we won’t admit it to ourselves, so let’s just move on. Unfortunately, ladies, the curvy category doesn’t exist for dudes. I think they’re nice ways of saying fat, but everyone who reads them just understands them as fat, so I really don’t know what the point is.

So pardon the plus community for not being impressed with seeing the same 3-5 women as the umbrella for all full figures.

The lack of diversity in body type, shape, height, ableism and ethnicity is a disservice to all women.

But this isn’t about being large or small, it’s just about the funny things people do online. Guys don’t want to be thought of as slender, they want to be toned, muscular, or even imposing.

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I work out 6 days a week and I eat healthy food, but I’m in no way a diet freak and I like to splurge on the weekend.I’m not athletic by any means (as in I don’t, nor should I, play sports) and toned is another one of those relative terms.I’ve got good legs and I’ve been told I have a “great ass”, but I wouldn’t say the rest of my body qualifies as toned.Needless to say, I select average and move on to the next question……So, a few days pass by and I’m confident in my body choice selection.That is until so-called “average” men start contacting me.It’s hard to ignore the lack of representation when the full-figured woman should be considered the rule and not the exception.According to a study conducted in 2016 by the International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology and Education 67% of women range from sizes 14 and up with the “average” woman being a size 16.Although brands are releasing Plus and Curve divisions for their clothing lines, advertising still seems to miss the mark in regards to representing the women who patron them and to be honest the plus size community wants to know why.Why claim to celebrate body diversity and only present one type of plus and curvy body as your brand rep?Much like the dating world, shopping—when you’re plus size feels like you’re a dirty little secret.Often times department stores relegate the “Woman” or “Plus” sections to basements or suffocated between the maternity and shoe clearance.