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), and it is a guitar for which a 0 repair cost for ten years of stellar service is nothing.

Most importantly, you said the D55 plays and sounds good, and you like the sound and feel. I am not sure what varnish peel means, or if your D55 is in otherwise excellent condition, or New Old Stock.

I think this was actually thought to be the binding's "fault". I'm thinking more like -700 depending on how bad the cosmetics really are.

It's got that white material around the edges of the fretboard, right? I see you're in the UK so I realize scarcity may be a large element of that price.

However, when I've googled Guild serial numbers, I haven't found anything that corresponded. It is a D55 sized dreadnought with rosewood sides and back. from your description it sounds like it likely is a D-55.

The serial number in both the body and headstock is CV000672. I don't know of a Guild SN list that includes the Corona years (there not even on Guild's website).

I bring that up because "NCL" is more difficult to repair than the other possibility of polyester lacquer.It even prompted a jamming buddy to buy a similar second, a few months later, off ebay.Unfortunately for my buddy, his does not play or sound as good as mine, especially unamplified.Aesthetically I'm with you about wanting it to look as nice as possible and if it's really bad a finish repair might actually enhance the value. When I was in the market for a rosewood Dread in the early 2000s, it was a no-brainer for me, as I have always appreciated the Guild mojo.Ironically since Coronas are kind of under-rated you probably can't really hurt the value too much anyway. I bought the D50 as a factory second off ebay, sight and sound unseen and unheard, for 0. No one has been able to find the reason it is a second.All this assumes you're aware of potential loss of value or change in tone that can follow a refinish, in case for example the whole guitar needs to be redone. I'd guess that probably is the cause of the peel I'm seeing. As I mentioned, it plays lovely, but has a good deal of cosmetic blemish.I wouldn't worry too much about a tone change on a guitar that young. So far, it's limited to the edges so I'd tend to shy away from a refinish as I do rather like the present tone of the instrument, and, it has a good bit of other cosmetic wear. -Paul I am no expert, but I have two Corona Guilds, a D40CE and a D50._________________Where ever you go, there you are 1998 Ovation 1861 Standard Balladeer Natural Taka - 2005 Squier '51 Black Yume - 2006 Squier Strat Cherryburst Houbi - 2008 Fender VG Strat Blizzard Pearl - won here Fender Super Champ XD; Vox DA-5Yes - Thanks for the suggestion - I've been to the Guild and Fender websites with no luck.My S/N starts with CM and the last documented Bluesbird I can find was made in 1997 with CL as the last letter designation.Perhaps Han Moust (author of the Guild Guitar Book) or another LTGer with more info on Guild SNs from Corona era will pipe in...Dave I recently visited a local guitar shop and was shown an instrument advertised as a D55.