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A more complete study of this process is available in Jack Finnegan, A Handbook of Biblical Chronology.

The first step in studying chronology is to assemble a sequence of events along with all chronological notes.

How come no bands these days aspire to this kind of sound design?

The Bible is an historical document, and part of assessing the value of any historical narrative is the study of Chronology.Gallio (Acts ) The mention of Gallio as proconsul of Achaia offers the possibility of establishing a fixed point in the chronology of Paul's life.From that point, we can reckon forward and backward to establish the best times for all of the events mentioned.It's propulsive rhythm section giving the band a more muscular feel, while maintaining the decent song writing skills ('Waterfront', 'Book Of Brilliant Things')Do yourself a favour, get on ebay or discogs and grab some vinyl copies of the early LP's and treat yourself to a brace of some plain great albums.Spawning from 'Johnny and the Self Abusers' in the late 70's, the early 'punk' era of Simple Minds brought them little recognition.I have divided feelings towards their post-83/onwards era work myself - meaning some of the work is decent (personally, I enjoy some of it in the wake of "Sparkle In the Rain" and "Once Upon a Time"), the rest I find sadly a victim of its own pomposity ("Street Fighting Years" being a somewhat obvious example that is on my black list, too)...Not because the earlier work is "oh-so-arty" that everyone these days continuously raves about, but because of the potential the group showed on those - forever loved - first five albums; the potential later seemed to have been sacrificed for the sheer stadium appeal of their music, past or present.Sure, the 'stadium' years were pretty pompous and over bearing.For me (and I bought the LP's when they came out) the early years from 'Empires...' were some of the most interesting and inventive/creative reocords of that era.'Sons Of Fascination/Sister Feelings..' is another fantastic and strange album with unexpected noises and textures through out.'Sparkle...' does exactly that, it shines like a bright summer morning, clear blue with a white hot sun.