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As with all unsolved cases, there is undoubtedly information that her family and the police cannot discuss.Maybe the co-worker did plan to kill Patti to avoid repaying the money he owed her or so his wife wouldn't find out; maybe they really did plan to go on vacation but had a fight after leaving the plant, and Patti got out of the truck and walked off into the night; maybe Patti was stalking the man and climbed into the back of his truck intending to "surprise" him and instead was killed accidentally and the man panicked and disposed of her body; maybe Patti took the ,000 from her retirement account and disappeared of her own accord.The man allegedly told Patti not to pack anything and that they would buy what they needed when they arrived.

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She had loaned him a large sum of money so that he could get his business out of debt.

One of Patti's sisters was babysitting while Patti was on vacation.

When Patti did not return to pick up her daughter, her sister reported her missing.

after his work shift ended on June 29 and other family members confirmed that he was at home all week during the Honda plant shutdown.

Another co-worker stated that the married co-worker dropped him off at his home after work, and that they had stopped for something to eat on the way.