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Then the final product would show silver on both sides.Most Old Sheffield Plate pieces were shaped from a flat piece of metal by hand-hammering.Since many cycles of alphabets can be written in different ways (A, a, A, etc.), many years can be covered. Since many of those craftsmen were equal to England’s finest, their influence in design has lasted to the present day.In addition to the above marks, the silversmith may place his own identifying mark upon the silver, usually his initials. The 18th century saw the birth of the industrial revolution and the introduction of tea as a national drink.The Lion standing sideways with its front paw raised to show it is of the required quality.2. By virtue of the laws of the Guild, silversmiths were required to serve an apprenticeship of seven years to learn the craft.The insignia of the town or city in which the test was made. At the end of that period the apprentice became a full member of the Guild as a Master Silversmith.

This hardened the silver and gave it a bright finish. Great care was taken to ensure that the surface of the sterling silver shield and surface of the area into which it was fitted was clean and flat.The surfaces of an ingot of copper and a strip of fine silver were flattened by hammering. The silver was bound to the copper by heavy steel wires. At this point processes varied, depending upon the article to be manufactured.The two metals were then fused by a furnace at a high temperature. SINGLE ROLLED PLATE: A silver strip was placed on one side of the copper ingot.Tin-backed pieces became known as “Poverty Back” items.DOUBLE ROLLED PLATE: Silver strips were placed on both sides of the copper ingot in the initial process.The quality of Sheffield was determined by the ratio of silver to copper and that was controlled by the silversmith in the beginning ingot stage.The success of this form of silverware was fantastic.From the hallmarks the following may be quickly determined: A. These two factors provided wealth for the ordinary person to buy silver and also inspired the need to use it and to show off one’s worldly possessions by means of a display of silver.At that time, the crafting of silver was considered a major art form, and it must be remembered that the world was on a silver not gold standard.He subsequently produced the first sheet of fused silver and copper…thus, the name “Sheffield” for its place of birth.The steps involved in manufacture of Old Sheffield Plate were as follows: A.