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Here’s the section of their site that describes the ones I found.About 1895, Ball began using machines (these jars have smooth lips) and began to phase out the old blowing methods. The machine made jars exhibited a new script style which was never seen on any of their handmade jars.It’s likely that “White Lightning” derived its name from the fact that bootleggers used these jars to store their product.

I’m going to sell a few of the ones I picked up on my Etsy site if you are interested. I’ve decided to add a section in my site for “farm fresh finds” – I need to begin to purge some of the things I’ve been picking up over the years!

A rubber ring tucked inside the lid created the seal necessary to preserve the contents.

The invention gave homemakers a new means of preserving food for their households, in addition to smoking, salting, drying, and pickling.

The very first machine made Ball jar is not positively known, but most likely was either a Ball STANDARD or a Ball IMPROVED MASON. Ball produced many jars with this script style, the Ball MASON jars and ones with just Ball and no other embossing appeared right about the turn of the century.

(3-L jars c1896-1910)So, I’m pretty confident that these jars do date c1896 – 1910, which makes sense because one thing that drew me to them were the awesome bubbles and waves in the glass.