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When our mothers were that age, such numbers would be unimaginable.I think the feminist teachings of the Sixties and Seventies seeped into our brains.Men are programmed to go for women they can have babies with and no matter what his age, he'll still have that subconscious desire...The instant you meet someone, you give off hundreds of signals about yourself and those signals dictate if you're desirable or not to this new person. And there's also (to a much lesser degree) the element of how we feel about ourselves as we get older.

My generation was spoilt - unrealistic, even - and we wanted everything to be heightened and fabulous. What she is trying to say here is that feminism pushed marriage and motherhood down the list of priorities ("there was more to contend with beforehand").

Many seemed to believe that men would simply fall in with whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted.

And they were a bit surprised when that didn't happen. Liberalism works best if there are no limits to things, if we can make things any which way we can.

But so many are either obsessed with sex, bitter divorcés laden with baggage or simply barking mad. I've probably missed the boat as far as children are concerned, and that is a shame...

I can't help agreeing with Lisa Snowdon, who rues the fact that older men want to date only younger women.