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Danzo conspires with an old ally to have Naruto removed to Uzushiogakure as a puppet ruler. Sasuke nearly kills Naruto, it affects everyone in many ways. Jaune knows full well that it is, but for some reason the reunion has left him feeling depressed. They would probably be able to save a certain read-headed warrior. Love Potion story for people who hate love potions. Naruto Jaune Arc had accepted that his partner, Pyrrha Nikos, was dead.

Uzumaki Naruto has finally returned to Konohagakure after three years, but what has changed? Will he find what he has always been looking for all along in his quest to become Hokage?

Then her confession and actions in the Hokage Summit arc sent me firmly back to anti.19. What exactly has been going on in Konoha since he left? Warning be prepared for the most Evil Sadistic Sasuke ever, & Sakura takes a beating in many chapters. Friends will be found & lost, bonds will be tested and ideals will be challenged, and danger lurks in every corner. In a twist of fate, Weiss ends up being the one to comfort him in this strange time. Light Arkos focus, but I will not neglect other characters. Luckily, Nora has just the solution: a love potion! It won't, though, not if Qrow has anything to say about it. After losing the war against Madara our heroes wake up 10,000 years later in the Star Wars Old Republic period. All chapters are retooled to improve dialog readability as of 4/11/14. At age nine the seal malfunctions warping Naruto's mind and body until he is little more than an animal but like they say, man's best friend, or girl's in this case. But when a peculiar Grimm shows up one day with a familiar Aura that he can't ignore, Jaune finds himself doing whatever it takes to give his partner her normal life back.

As Naruto struggles with gaining control over his own council to help his people, a band of Konoha shinobi show up asking for asylum. There will be angst, surprises, & romance Narx Hin Kakx Kur Jirx Tsu & many more. Once bustling and defiant, now it has waned and only it's ashes remain. Now watch her story unfold as she makes her away in her quest to restore her world. Team RWBY has finally been reunited, meaning Ruby and Weiss are partners again. It's selfish, he knows that, but he can't deny his feelings. I ll try to keep as close to the canon as I can, writing a proper continuation as I see it, in which Pyrrha Nikos managed to survive. By all rights, Jaune's dream of becoming a Huntsman should have died when he was expelled from Beacon. Grieving was a hefty process that he never quite finished.

Begins with Chapter 31.)Jaune had accepted that Pyrrha was dead. The price will be more than anyone should have to bear but the prize is the future, for those he cares for and for all life in the galaxy.

Their redemption lies beyond the walls of the Four Kingdoms, in lands where Grimm roam unchecked and unchallenged. (Story carried over from Wiz The White Wolf, 30 chapters in.