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Their Doom and Quake titles are probably the most recognisable franchises in the games industry, and rightly so.

Aside from official game files and cool indie games, users can also upload their own content to share with the world.

That's not to say that sequels are a bad thing, especially in gaming: sequels will often iron out the flaws and mistakes of previous iterations, meaning that sequels end up being more like the game that the developers first promised.

Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, and there are just as many examples where sequels are just as bad or worse than the original. One company that's made a success out of writing sequels for 15 years is id software.

This updated demo reflects the changes in the new 1.4 patch and includes the new features such as "tutorial mode".

Note: The Enemy Territory: QUAKE WARS Demo 1.0 is no longer supported.