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The new workhouse was erected in 1840-1 on a six-acre site a mile to the north of Mallow.Designed by the Poor Law Commissioners' architect George Wilkinson, the building was based on one of his standard plans to accommodate 700 inmates.However, the decision for it to be established in Mallow was passed by one vote.This also resulted in the townland of Charleville being placed into the neighbouring Kilmallock Union rather than in Mallow.The Board also included 8 ex-officio Guardians, making a total of 33. The population falling within the Union at the 1831 census had been 76,583 with divisions ranging in size from Liscarroll (population 2,135) to Mallow itself (9,804).The location of the new Mallow Union workhouse was the subject of some dispute amongst the Board of Guardians, with much support for it to be in Buttevant.

I propose that the Oulton house should be employed for the reception - 1 - of Ablebodied men, and - 2 - of Ablebodied women... The Aylsham workhouse is fitted for the reception of Aged men, Aged women and Idiots. It cost approximately £7,500 and was designed by William J Donthorn who was the architect of other Norfolk workhouses at Downham, Erpingham, Freebridge Lynn, and Swaffham.

Mallow main block from the north-east, 2002 © Peter Higginbotham.

At the rear, a range of single-storey utility rooms such as bakehouse and washhouse connected through to the infirmary and idiots' wards via a central spine containing the chapel and dining-hall.

I propose that Married men, Married women and Boys and Girls should be separately lodged in this house. The three-storey central wing to the south has an impressive facade of mullioned windows.

The workhouse appears to me capable of accommodating 360 paupers... That no persons be received into this workhouse for more than one night, excepting ablebodied single men, and ablebodied single women, but that ablebodied married paupers and their children passing from the most distant parishes in the Eynsford district for the union, to the Buxton workhouse, may, if so ordered by the Board of Guardians, be lodged for one night in the probationary wards of this House on their way to the Buxton Workhouse, but for one night in each case only, and never unless ordered by the Board of Guardians. That at Buxton has room for about 400 paupers, and that at Oulton for about 100.