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Members can discuss different topics which include dating, sexual health, tips and advice on managing their symptoms, and more general topics.

MPWH is the Best HSV & STD Dating Community for Positive Singles who are living with Genital Herpes & Oral Herpes.

When the virus becomes active, a herpes outbreak occurs.

The only way to know if you have genital herpes is by a medical exam.Women who have the herpes virus may have no outbreaks or signs of infection. Once you are infected, the virus stays in your nerve cells for life.When the virus is not active, there is no sign of infection.Your health care provider may ask to test you for other infections at the same time.Tell current and most recent sex partners of your herpes infection.Meet people with Herpes in New York, Los Angeles, London, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Houston, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas, San Jose, Washington, Detroit, Jacksonville, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Quebec City, Hamilton, Sydney, Melbourne, Paris, Tokoyo and many other cities now. Women are more easily infected with herpes than men.All of your personal information can be kept private and anonymous until you choose to take things further.MPWH is an outstanding Herpes dating community, devoted to providing a safe, stigma-free, nondiscriminatory, warm and friendly online dating environment.After the first outbreak, you may have more outbreaks.For most, these outbreaks occur less often over time.