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As an adult you recognise you are safe, your house is locked, nobody can get in, there are good people in the world and not just people who hurt others, there are people in the world who you can trust, not everyone out there will betray your trust etc.

Recognise that what happened was a long time ago and in order to move on you need to start thinking with your 'adult head'.

This can make you feel even more isolated and alone.

You may be feeling guilty as this is a very common feeling for survivors to have.

As an adult you do have a choice and can choose which path you take - a path towards negativity, destroying yourself as a person, continually blaming yourself and putting yourself down - or you can choose a path towards healing and recovery - learning to like and love yourself, praise yourself, value yourself, take the blame and guilt off your shoulders, start to be positive, start to achieve what you want to achieve in life, move towards happiness, love, fulfilment.

The choice is You need a lot of support around you.

Other people may find that pummelling pillows can help get out their anger, ripping up paper, taking up self defence, keep fit, dancing, and talking - letting the anger out is important.

If you are an adult who was abused as a child it is possible that you may have never spoken to anyone about this.

Many adults keep this a secret well into their adult life and many find that the effect upon them has had devastating consequences not only throughout their childhood but also in their adult life.

In relation to the abuse and how they think about the abuse it is common for a survivor to be stuck in thinking with their 'child head'.

Try and recognise this and when you have feelings of being unsafe, frightened try and tell yourself that you are just thinking with your 'child head' and need to think with your 'adult head' now.