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Offering a free laptop to their students allows students to not have to worry about another big, out of pocket expense in order to enroll.By removing this barrier to entry, online colleges give students a chance to enroll wherein they may not have before–all due to the fact that the student could not afford a laptop.Here are the three most common types with their explanations.Students are given to laptops to use while they are enrolled at the school.Whatever the agreement, students can enjoy cost-savings running from 0-,000 by choosing a university that offers laptops.

Both of these options allow students to have a laptop so they can take college courses online.The usage of technology in schools has skyrocketed since the early 2000’s.The majority of college classes now require students to have personal laptops.It has become common-place for teachers to require technology to be used in and out of the classroom.The technology needs for each type of major or program differs.This option is more like a rent-to-own laptop program.By the time the student graduates, the laptop will belong to him or her.Obviously, a computer is a requirement for online courses, but some universities have gone as far as mandating that students have a laptop before enrolling in classes.Sadly, this requirement hinders certain students from enrolling.This allows students to spread their spending throughout their college years.The payments may be tacked on as a school fee or as a separate bill.