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His sado-erotic female fang-banger movies like Vampyros Lesbos are loony wonders.I have a soft spot for this lyrical masterwork starring Franco's wife and muse Lina Romay wandering the countryside practically nude in a black cape who stops to have sex and then drain of blood a series of farmers and noblemen. Actress Ingrid Pitt in one of her best performances based on real-life 17th century Hungarian noble woman and serial killer Elizabeth Bathory.And when censorship relaxed, filmmakers exploited the breasts and blood angle with wicked abandon.Here are ten sexy, fanged, examples: For movie directors, Sheridan le Fanu's novel Carmilla was the go-to book about predatory female vampires.I can't say enough about this elegant, erotic, horror film starring the divine Delphine Seyrig as an ageless vampire countess traveling with her cool blonde lover (Danielle Ouimet) and stopping at a coastal off-season Grand Hotel in Ostend.There, she and her protege seduce and quench their blood thirst from young virgins.Britain's Hammer Films lurid retelling of the Sheridan le Fanu book starring beautiful Ingrid Pitt as the bosomy, predatory, noblewoman who lusts after her female relatives and drains them dry in 18th Century Germany. Beautiful Cristina Ferrare (who was in real life once married to auto executive John De Lorean) plays a bisexual artist who is less a vampire than a woman with a rare blood disease who seduces and drains men and women of their life fluid to live. Directed by Juan Lopez Moctezuma (Alucarda) this is finally out on Blu-ray (looking fabulous) on Code Red.This was Hammer's last-ditch attempt to breathe life in their brand with lots of heaving breasts and blood and it's great fun. The wildly prolific Jess Franco, who made close to 200 films in his lifetime, is finally getting the credit he deserves thanks to scholarly books about him like Stephen Thrower's amazing Murderous Passions: The Delirious Cinema Of Jesus Franco.

A fireworks display during a masquerade ball on a European estate unleashes the spirit of an age-old vampire who possesses pouty blonde Carmilla (Annette Stroyberg, who was married to Vadim at the time).This whole movie is available as an added extra on the terrific Daughters Of Darkness Blu-ray from Blue Underground.Tony Scott's exercise is stylish '80s vampire-chic.They are creative and intelligent, as well as serene and yes, romantic.If you’re ready to learn how to embrace the soft and gentle side of Goth culture, simply read on.A nightmare sequence where the color drains away to black and white with splashes of blood red is surreal and sensational. sexy shocker directed by Jose Ramon Larraz about two seductive vampires (Marianne Morris and Anulka) roaming the English countryside looking for victims.A young couple staying in a camper witness the girls running with capes through the woods and begin to suspect something is not right.Susan Sarandon plays Sarah, a scientist studying diseases of the blood, who is contacted by John when he suddenly starts aging drastically.Too often, Goths are mistaken for morbid, creepy, and harshly dark.Heavily censored at the time, all the gratuitous nudity and violence is intact thanks to a beautiful uncut Blu-ray from Blue Underground.French director Jean Rollin is usually dismissed as the maker of "sexy vampire pictures," which were unfairly critically attacked at the time.