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One of the positive side effects of that low price is that it allows users to affordably build out multi-camera systems in their homes, something that can cost several hundred dollars with other brands.The cameras can even be magnetically stacked on top of each other to monitor multiple directions from the same spot.For everyone else, however, we might have preferred just seven days of backup and boosting clip record times to 24 seconds.

Wyze Labs is also confident that the Wyze Cam can successfully compete across the full spectrum of smart home cameras, from baby and pet monitoring to home security. It lacks a few features often found on higher-end cameras, including weatherproofing and battery-powered operation, but for indoor use it does indeed bring a lot to the table.If an intruder nabs your camera on his way out, you’re again left with just 12 seconds of footage available in the cloud.We understand that being able to advertise 14 days of cloud backup sounds good, but given that you are alerted instantly to an event, we’re not sure most users really need that much time.“We operate on a low margin, high volume business model,” Zhou explained.By building a fresh company using some of Amazon’s DNA, Wyze Labs believes it can be successful in reaching a high enough number of consumers to provide a quality product at a very low price.The camera then connects to your network and sets itself up.You may be prompted to install a firmware update, but other than that, you’re good to go.With a Micro SD card loaded into the camera, it can record continuously, letting you replay everything that happened before, during, and after a motion or sound trigger.We very much appreciate that Wyze Labs included both local and cloud storage — a rare feat for smart cameras these days — but as we’ve pointed out in other reviews, local storage is not ideal for security purposes.Founded by ex-Amazon employees in Seattle, Washington, Wyze Labs is the newest player in the smart home market and the Wyze Cam is its first product.A feature-rich smart home camera, the Wyze Cam’s spec sheet stacks up nicely to other high-end home monitors, offering 1080p video, motion and sound detection, night vision, and two-way audio.