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In the waiting room of the hospital, Ashoke remembers how in 1961, as he was taking the train from Calcutta to Jamshedpur to visit his grandfather and collect the books he was to inherit from him, there was an accident and he had nearly died.On the train, he had been reading a collection of short stories by Nikolai Gogol, a Russian author, when the locomotive engine and seven bogies derailed, causing Ashoke's car to be flung into a nearby field.Election Campaign Bulk SMS Marketing Bulk Email Marketing Whats App Marketing Voice Call Service SEO Service SMO Service Facebook Marketing Miss Call Service Reseller Service Bulk SMS Aggregator International SMS Buddy Infotech lets you send SMS text messages to a range of networks in each country.You can choose to send directly from your PC, your Bulk SMS web account, your phone, or even connect your systems application to our messaging server.The new house is on Pemberton Road, and there are no Bengali neighbors.On the first day of Gogol's kindergarten, his parents tell the principal, Mrs.Ashima's brother Rana calls with the bad news that her father has suffered a heart attack and died.

Ashoke chooses Gogol, the name of the author whose stories he was reading when the train crashed years before.The next morning, he flies home to Boston to be with his mother and Sonia.At the house on Pemberton Road, many people come by to sit with them in mourning.Gogol stashes the book away when his father leaves.The next year, the Gangulis decide to go to Calcutta for eight months while Ashoke is up for sabbatical at the university. Lawson knows about the Russian author Gogol and assigns the class to read one of his short stories, "The Overcoat."The summer before he leaves for college at Yale, Gogol goes to probate court and legally changes his name to Nikhil.The year is 1968, and Ashima Ganguli, a Bengali woman who has recently moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts with her new husband, is about to give birth.Her husband, Ashoke, accompanies her to the hospital in a taxi.Gogol begins his junior year of high school in the fall, taking English with Mr. Gogol goes to Yale and introduces himself as Nikhil; however, it takes a while before he really feels like Nikhil.He begins to date a girl named Ruth, but they grow apart while she is studying abroad at Oxford.The next Thanksgiving, Ashoke tells Gogol about the origin of his name; about the train accident in which he was almost killed.Gogol asks him if he reminds him of that night that he almost died, and his father says no; he reminds him of "everything that followed."By 1994, Gogol is living in a tiny apartment in New York working as an architect. Her parents, Lydia and Gerald, are incredibly wealthy, and they interact in a casual but intelligent way that is totally opposite the behavior of Gogol's own parents.