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Functionally, there are a few things that you definitely should have in common with the person you’re in a relationship with, like, values: Do you know what he thinks about, say, human rights? Or whatever of your politics means the most to you? “Looking back, I’m proud of the choices that I’ve made,” she said. It’s your barometer of taste and the choices you make as an actress inform how other people look at you and if they want you in their movies.So you have to be wise.” Career Peaks: A model from the age of three, the child actress shot out of a cannon when she won a worldwide search for 11-year-old Claudia, starring opposite Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt in “Interview with the Vampire,” Neil Jordan’s fabulously kinky 1994 take on the Anne Rice classic.She’s not looking to please anyone else or playing the movie-star game, as evidenced by her maverick choices, from “Melancholia” to “Fargo.” “Only Lars and Pedro Almodovar write these incredible, messy roles for women,” she has said.Awards Attention: She won Best Actress at Cannes for her hilariously depressed bride in Lars von Trier’s comedic end-of-the-world tragedy, “Melancholia,” after being quick enough on her feet to survive a disastrous Cannes press conference when her director went off the rails.

Her career pivot came before 2010 Ryan Gosling two-hander “All Good Things,” when she started to meet with acting coach/therapist Greta Seacat (who also works with Coppola). It’s my thing, it’s my experience, it’s nothing about pleasing anyone else but myself.

Dear Kate, My boyfriend of six months and I are from very different worlds. ), and one of my favourite Internet-boyfriends, a.k.a.

Our backgrounds, past experiences, and career paths are as different as can be, which makes our perspectives different on almost everything. a total stranger, disagreed and tweeted back that he feels judged by people who don’t understand him, because “it usually means they think I’m weird.” My thing is maybe cynical, but I feel like a guy just naturally getting it—“it” being your references, your assumptions, your priorities—is so much less important than the D-grade-diamond dude-quality of being genuinely interested in finding everything out, from zero.

I like that guiding principle of “if it’s not true love or great sex it’s not worth it” or whatever, and can’t think of how many other ways you could have been meant to be. My Friend Has Become a Selfie-Obsessed Monster Help! My Boyfriend Is Better Looking Than Me I’m So Tired of Hearing About My Friends’ Boring Babies.

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