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The headline reads: “Promote your Amazing Franchise opportunity in the next book by Dr. Hayes.” Under the subhead “Delivering value far beyond the cost,” the Biz Com offers franchisors the opportunity to be named an “Amazing” franchise for a low-low price: The cost to include a chapter about your franchise opportunity in Amazing Franchise Opportunities (2018) is only ,000.The book will be published in both e-Book (automatically downloadable) and paperback formats.

He claims that he has identified the 12 most amazing franchise opportunities and written a book about them.Do FASTSIGNS and Catherine Monson really have so few legitimate accomplishments that they need to pretend they were selected for Hayes’ book?Is it really worth the negative press they might get if it turns out they paid for the endorsement – but didn’t disclose it?John Hayes when he realized he had been sold a business book that was actually an undisclosed paid advertorial.The danger of looking unethical I actually have had a positive view of FASTSIGNS and thought it was a decent franchise concept and company.For the ,000 fee, franchisors were also promised exposure in the book’-based PR campaign, a custom cover and downloadable ebook they can post on their website and use as a marketing tool, and five paperback copies with more available at a discounted price reserved for Amazing franchisors.12 Amazing Franchise Opportunities Sales Flyer (PDF) Not only did the franchisors pay to be included in the book supposedly authored by Dr.John Hayes] masterfully compiles and presents a cadre of concepts destined for greatness, providing readers with a qualified funnel from over 3,000 franchise concepts down to 12 that are worthy of consideration,” writes Dr. Litalien, CFE, founder and president of Franchise Well, in the book’s Foreword. Com has obtained a promotional flyer that clearly indicates that the book is a pay-for-play advertising opportunity, akin to a book-length advertorial, presented publicly as an objective business book.The target audience for the promotional pitch includes franchisors and other franchise sellers.The company began franchising in 2015, and rather than taking a controlled, efficient, regional expansion approach the first franchise locations were opened in scattershot locations from Pooler, Georgia to Key West, FL to Lancaster, PA and soon Texas and New York. fit=599,387" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-9199" src="https://i0com/ In John Hayes’ internal coaching materials (Anyone can buy the book on the sales page, then return to the sales page to post the review (see image below). It is against Amazon’s policy to pay people to review the book, but we can ask (I often beg! He celebrates the case study of FASTSIGNS successful effort to deceive Amazon, book customers and prospective franchisees: Literally within an hour of FASTSIGNS’ marketing team learning that Amazon had posted the FASTSIGNS Business Opportunity ebook, the team went to work to solicit reviews of the book. once the ebook began selling, and readers posted reviews, the title moved into the #1 position on the Amazon Best Seller list for the Small Business Franchise category.Another rookie mistake was the inclusion of its company-owned sales revenue in its self-written chapter, likely a violation of FTC regulations prohibiting undisclosed Financial Performance Representations (earnings claims). Ask your sales team, your admin team, your support team, family, friends, franchisees, etc. They asked members of their Home Office Team, members of their Franchise Sales Team, and members of their Franchise Network to go to, purchase the ebook (purposely priced at 99 cents to attract reviewers), and review it . As of this writing, the title has kept that position for 3 days – that’s extraordinary because the list is updated hourly!