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So Jesus begins to call to himself a company of preachers.

He is going to prepare and empower them to expand his own ministry of proclaiming the good news of God’s realm.

Are we not called as a people to share the good news that the kingdom of God is at hand?

Is Jesus not gathering up a new cohort of Kingdom preachers?

With the celebration of Martin Luther King’s birth and legacy fresh in our minds, it is worth reflecting on how his famed “I have a dream” speech has been used to sustain the status quo.

White folks like to think of his speech as lifting up color-blindness.

Perhaps there is the need to let the full measure of the Good News to soak in, to permeate the community, so that when the time came they would recognize that the kingdom had truly come into their midst.

But, he doesn’t allow those who “get it” to spill the beans.

If so, is your name on the list of those entrusted with the task of going fishing?

Everybody Knew Already is when MJ: You don't have to make up another one of your phony excuses, Peter!

He gives them their assignment, but he doesn’t send them out immediately even if they didn’t waste time in taking up the call.

They will need to spend time with him, getting to know him, his message, and his methods.