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Okay, so outside of your immediate real life, any unsolved mystery out there you’d love to be the one to solve? Kerri: It doesn’t have to be me who solves it, but I would definitely like to know more about Area 51. The FBI man knocked on Kerri Rawson’s door 10 years ago Feb. She looked out from her tiny apartment near Detroit. From now on, the smell of chocolate cake would make her queasy. Her dad had been arrested as a BTK suspect, the man said. More about BTK | Photos: Growing up with BTK Dennis Rader's testimony | Four boys who grew up to catch a monster At that moment in Park City, shortly after p.m., Kerri’s mother, Paula Rader, sat down to lunch at home, waiting for her husband. A week later, Paula’s lunch still sat uneaten in the house she had lived in with her husband, Dennis, since the early ’70s. Other cops had just arrested Dennis Rader as he was driving home for lunch, pinning him on the pavement as they cuffed him. But psychologists say all of us suffer trauma in life. The next day, police and politicians gathered in Wichita’s City Hall to announce an arrest. Kerri and Darian did not have cable, but friends from Houston stuck their phone close to their television. In church, she clung to teachings about God’s love. – was the serial killer who scared her mom decades ago. Dad had called last night, asking whether she’d checked the oil in her car. “We’re safe.” But now Kerri remembered that when Hedge had disappeared, Dad was not home. If this were true, then her whole life might be a lie.Around Wichita, officers were picking up Rader’s family and friends for questioning. “BTK is arrested,” Police Chief Norman Williams announced. The cops made her mad, and she got mad again when she learned why they had wanted her DNA. People said in news stories that Dennis Rader obsessed about little things. “But if it was, it was a cover story that actually worked.” In the end, Parker said, we are not our parents. But when it was announced that the next Sunday’s sermon would address forgiveness, Kerri stayed away.Oh, well, except for the fact that I’m actually working for the CIA and moonlighting as a romance writer. No, that definitely won’t be necessary and we’ll just keep it at the very sparkly and fabulous Kerri Carpenter Mermaid. One last question, perhaps the most important, burning one of them all: Hottest Sherlock Hottie: Robert Downey Jr or Benedict Cumberbatch? I’m currently somewhere in Eastern Europe wearing a black sequined dress and swirling a martini while I wait for the dealer to shuffle the deck. Carlene: OMG, that sounds so very intriguing and risque!

Now I do it with my friends on the weekends.”Biggest beauty indulgence? I love them because they fall in that in-between for me: half beauty, half wellness. Makeup colors: Healthy Skin Blush in Vibrant, Healthy Volume Mascara in Carbon Black, and Hydro Boost Hydrating Lip Shine in Radiant Rose by Neutrogena. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Concealer* (.99)“It has hyaluronic acid in the center, so when you use it, you’re moisturizing while you’re covering. I have spots like anybody else, particularly from hormones from pregnancy and then nursing.

Kerri: I can say without a doubt that I RARELY put things from my real life into my books. For example, in Her Super-Secret Rebound Boyfriend, my heroine Lola plays bocce in a rogue bocce league. But I would never reveal a secret from one of my fellow bocce sisters. Okay, so for your romance loving super fans out there, is Kerri Carpenter even your real name?

Carlene: That does not surprise me at all because you are a wonderful, loyal friend and mermy sister.

A FUN CHAT WITH OUR VERY OWN KERRI MERMAID ABOUT HER NEW ROMANTIC COMEDY, OUT TODAY … Carlene Mermaid: Miss Sparkle Pants, firstly Happy Book Release day! I don’t think it is humanely possible to keep Chris Pratt a secret so, here ya go!

The cover is fantastic and I’m so happy the world gets to enjoy for themselves! Fishy friends, before we duck out of the lagoon, be sure to grab your very own copy of Kerri’s new book HERE.