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Admit it: As a kid, you totally wanted superpowers ...even if they did come from a run-in with toxic chemicals.I am worried he is unstable and could snap at any moment." The judge clearly agreed ...ordering Josh to stop all contact with and stay 100 yards away from Larisa and her mom until Jan. In January 2013, according to TMZ, Oleynik was granted a restraining order against one of her fans, who she claims was so obsessed he changed his last name to hers, as well as leaving gifts for her at her mother's apartment."Secret World of Alex Mack" star Larisa Oleynik got a three-year restraining order against a crazed fan who was so obsessed he changed his last name to Oleynik ... A judge granted the order against Josh Hathaway -- a.k.a Josh Oleynik -- in L. Larisa says Josh wrote books and love letters for her featuring creepy passages like ... to "build a relationship," and wanted to propose to her.During 2000, she also appeared in two independent films: 100 Girls (opposite Emmanuelle Chriqui, Katherine Heigl and Jonathan Tucker) and A Time for Dancing (opposite Shiri Appleby); neither film received a theatrical release in the United States.

Also during her time on The Secret World of Alex Mack, she played one of the lead characters in the 1995 feature film The Baby-Sitters Club (opposite Rachael Leigh Cook and Schuyler Fisk), appeared in several episodes of Boy Meets World, wrote an advice column for Tiger Beat magazine, She has also hosted the Cable ACE Awards, Daytime Emmy Awards, YTV Achievement Awards, The Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards as well as The Big Help.Quinn, Medicine Woman; the same year she also appeared in the made-for-television film River of Rage: The Taking of Maggie Keene and in 1996 made a cameo on The Adventures of Pete & Pete as a nurse at the beginning of the episode "Dance Fever".Later in 1993, she was subsequently cast in the lead role of the series The Secret World of Alex Mack where she portrayed a teenage girl who receives telekinetic powers as the result of an accident.She won the role of Alex Mack over 400 other aspirants.The series ran on Nickelodeon from 1994 to 1998 and was one of the network's top three most watched shows, becoming quite a favorite among the child and teen audiences and turning Oleynik into a teen idol. In legal docs, Larisa says the harassment began in July 2012 when Josh started calling her mother nonstop, and leaving gifts for her at her mom's apartment. keep me on your wheel of love." She also says Josh left a voicemail saying he changed his last name to Oleynik in 2010 ...In Larisa's legal filing she says, "I feel that I am being stalked.That's what happened to "regular, everyday tween" Alex on The Secret World of Alex Mack , the ultimate Nickelodeon sci-fi series of the '90s.In the series, junior high newbie Alex gets drenched in top-secret chemical GC-161 after almost getting hit by a truck from the chemical plant.In March 2011, Oleynik started appearing in a recurring role on Hawaii Five-0 as CIA analyst Jenna Kaye until her character was later killed off.Oleynik appears as Ken Cosgrove's girlfriend (and later wife) Cynthia Baxter in several episodes on the AMC television show Mad Men.