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Through lessons learned the author brings to light her own unique insights and discoveries at the ends of chapters.

In coming to terms with these, Nancy Beckons believes we might all eventually understand what really makes for a genuine soul mate. A surprise victory awaits readers after they are jolted by the events of one of her last Match Men.

She also sampled other dating sites before writing this memoir.

She begins by introducing the Men of – in their own words ― telling readers what they are seeking in a soul mate.

—Marilyn Monroe It’s common knowledge that men are more interested in casual sex, and women are more interested in commitment, yes?

According to Hallam, De Backer, Fisher, and Walrave (2018), the data from prior research is clear.

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We have to watch out when making assumptions about sex differences, because we may invent reasons to justify our socially determined beliefs.Are men and women really innately different when it comes to sex and dating?What if evolution wants women to try out as many potential mates as possible in order to select the fittest one?Perhaps many of the observed differences in mating are due to cultural factors and just assumed to be principally genetic?Other factors may be programmed into the genome, but we are only beginning to sort out what is what — and sex isn't either/or anymore. In order to look more deeply at an under-recognized yet crucial dimension of modern mating which may shape our increasingly online dating preferences, Hallam and colleagues repeated prior studies with an important twist.Beckons attempts to find some inner truths behind the facade.Several of the author’s highlighted romantic adventures include dates with a Tiki Bar owner at an exclusive country club, a Surgeon who falls hard for love, a Horse Trainer, a womanizing Player Match Man, and several others.To understand participants’ online dating motivations, researchers used a version of the “Tinder motivations scale” (Sumter et al., 2017), which estimates six fundamental reasons for using dating apps and websites — love/long-term romance, casual sex, ease of communication, self-worth validation, thrill of excitement, and trendiness. First of all, there were sex differences in what kind of platform people report using for cyberdating.Men were more likely to use dating websites, whereas women were more likely to use dating apps.They had all used online dating sites and apps to meet people, about one-third were in a serious dating relationship or married, and over 55 percent were single at the time of the study.They responded to survey items about online dating experience, sociosexual orientation, online dating motivations, and relationship status.