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Asked for leave in army to be with me but didn’t have enough for ticket and asked for money said when he gets home he will get into his fidelity and pay me back. One of the invites showed pictures of a man in various aspects of military duty, but his profile says he is not working and is living in Afganistan. Another invite was similar, but allegedly living in the US. His user name was Thomas/Tomas Burnett I have some of her receipts and emails with address.

He has sent me pics of him with his mates group pics and some from home and 2 short videos am I getting scammed? You or your mom could report what happened at

I have pictures and am eilling to help with anyone- help! I thought these to be curious and was also suspicious of them, so I denied them. Was going on for seven years till she met a flesh and blood guy who gave her an ultimatum about it. She still thinks she will get her money back at some point though!

I am talking to a man who has beautifully swept me. Interesting that your article indicates that often these are people who claim to be from the US but are living overseas, such as in military service. Can I send you the info I collected from her on this?

Gave numerous ITunes cards, sent money for the care of her mother while she visited me then bought her 2 expensive plane tickets to get her here.

She has a travel agent by the name of Philip Lansdown, who I sent the Walmart to Walmart money transfers to, resides in Cedar Rapids, the plane tickets and a guy by the name of Marvin Benoit, Lansdowns secretary who is in Trenton NJ. Still in contact with her and the agent cause they don't know I know the truth.

I have had a few instances of this kind of crap, but one guy was persistent enough that it scared me.

No social media account is worth going through this crap.

I agreed to help her out to get her out of New York, NY.Just teasing....any rate, I deleted Facebook, Instagram, Twitter accounts - ESPECIALLY Facebook as EVEN WITH tighter parameters,such as accepting friend requests from only "friends of friends", well that doesn't do crap...these guys need is some unsuspecting person to accept their friend request, and then they "get to know" that person's friends and well, there ya go. Use something other than your pretty faces and cleavages in your profile pics.Talk about making yourself a target right from the git-go!!!Millions of Americans use dating sites, social networking sites, and chat rooms to meet people. But scammers also use these sites to meet potential victims. Then he went to work in Turkey but was attacked by pirates and took his wallet and passport.They create fake profiles to build online relationships, and eventually convince people to send money in the name of love. Victims may be embarrassed to talk about their experiences, but you can help. So, now he is asking money for hospital bills, food and hotel bills since he has no money to pay.The US Army published an article and list of warning signs about online romance scammers who pretend to be soldiers. The information you give will go into a secure database that the FTC and other law enforcement agencies use for investigations. It didn't take longer for 2 weeks before the word "money" came up.The article says that Soldiers are not charged money so that the Soldier can go on leave. He does have dimples in the picture he posted and is fairly attractive. People who report can choose how much personal information to give. Because I am a city gal, I instantly knew what the deal was.So now I am lost, sad, and had just left a 17 year relationship. What else did this guy look like because it sounds like what happened too me and I have been scammed out of a lot of money because of this I failed for it he was Charming and had the dimples and cute but totally lied to me and now I am scared because I think he is trying to pose as an investigator now to scare me saying he is sending Someone to my house and I have to pay them to clear my name I don't know what to do I already blocked them and reported to the money gram service and the websites and everything but I am still feel so stupid and scared Is his name James Barr are sometimes go by Nalari Benjamin he tried to scam me for 1500 so his son could have surgery he was in a bad car accident but I checked into it and there was no little boy that was injured and he said that he was in Crocker City Missouri then he wanted me to fly the little boy here so I can get in medical treatment because he was in Syri just be careful and don't fall for any of this so sorry..So, I was very very naïve and you can imagine more heartbroken than ever. Dimples I'm sorry that this is going on can you tell me what this guy looks like because I am talking to this guy name James Johnson and he is very , very handsome as well I meet him on Instagram and then wanted me to go to hangout been talking to him for like two months now has a sick son wife dead of cancer mother in a retirement home asking me for money but I'm not the one and he will never get it . I noticed that I have begun to receive Friend Requests from people I do not know and who do not appear to be associated with anyone I know.And, coincidentally, the EXACT points mentioned above is what I encountered - instant love, dad former military guy whose estate was being settled in Singapore (of all places for an African American/though not impossible), etc. Needless to say, I gave him a good piece of my mind and it wasn't pretty."Because I am a city gal, I instantly knew what the deal was..." LOL.....well, I am a country gal, and golly gee, slap my thigh and can you give me an amen sistah, I instantly knew what the deal was too!!