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A new Cranfield report on Monday shows that women who get executive posts often have financial experience, suggesting companies aren’t doing enough to “cast the net wider” in the search for talent.But Mr Moxon’s “sexual display” theory won’t cut it with the main equality groups, who have long argued that the main barrier for women reaching the top is childcare.

“When there are men and women together, the basic interaction is not cross-competition; it is sexual display.The Credit Suisse report added: "We also find that companies with one or more women on the board have delivered higher average returns on equity, lower gearing, better average growth and higher price/book value multiples over the course of the last six years." Mr Buchanan's comments, along with Mr Moxon's, will undoubtedly upset those in the equality lobby, not to mention ordinary women who struggle to reach the top because of childcare, or sexism, or any other gender-related barriers that they experience.But perhaps it is about time those campaigning for more women on boards switched the debate from the pure “numbers game”, focusing on how many women have or haven't been recruited to the top, to what UK companies are actually doing to help get them there. Males will display their competitiveness; females will back off from competition.They will actually reduce their competitiveness,” Mr Moxon told MPs on the Business Select Committee last month.One of these includes a report by Credit Suisse earlier this year, which analysed the performance of 2,360 global companies over the last six years.The findings said it would, on average, have been better for shareholders to invest in corporates with women on boards compared to those without.“It is no surprise that women have difficulty in the workplace.Not only do they have difficulty; they do not want to be in it in first place,” he claimed.Mr Buchanan said: "His thesis is basically that evolution has led to the male of the species, if you like, having a brain that is hardwired for systemising, i.e.having an interest in systems, how to improve them and how to change things around, whereas women’s focus, for evolutionary and psychological reasons, is more around relationships.