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I also had my eye on one of the cats residing there, Phoebe. At that point, it was easy to convince Jim he was the right one to bring home.

Phoebe was great and looked like a larger version of Stormy. Gizmo was easy going, laid back and great with all the other cats there. We went out for lunch, home to get the cat carrier and then returned to complete the paper work and pay the fee. As we always do, we've taken it slowly introducing him to Stormy, Domino, Neo and the house as a whole. We got the diagnosis of lymphoma only two weeks ago.

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Camera 1 looks down upon the bay window that faces the street.

A large bird feeder is in front of this window, however, the birds remain uninterested in it.

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Nite Flirt uses cookies and other tracking technologies in order to provide you with the best experience.Kitty-Cam has been running nearly continuously since April, 2003.Two cameras are set up in our house aimed where the cats are most often found.And after spending time in an incubator at the emergency vet, they were unable to wean her off of the oxygen.They also noticed that she was unable to regulate her body temperature.That day I got an emotional phone call from Kris about a male farm kitten (the owner didn't want a 2nd male cat on the farm) that was going to be put down if he wasn't adopted out.Kris sent me a picture via email of this cute kitten sitting on her office chair. I don't know why I don't remember this, but Kris remembers our first trip to the vet on September 11, 2001 (listening closely to the news on historic date). Never demanding, always patient, and never agressive.Our exclusive Caller Cam feature lets the phonesex babes watch you while you listen.For babe show fans try our patented Stream2Studio app.It was at this time that we made the decision that all pet owners hate to make, but know its for the best.Stormy earned the nickname "Evil" early due to her bad attitude.