Right age for dating teenagers

One can say that centuries ago the line between a child and a grownup was very obscure.A 13-year-old boy could be called a grownup person.The problem of dating is quite controversial, because different parents react to this issue in their own way.One can say that young people should be allowed to date before they reach the age of 18, though they should feel slight control from their parents.Consequently, he could start dating from this young age.There are two different opinions about the appropriate age for dating.Of course, no one speaks about any close relations.This idea is based on friendship between a girl and a boy.

As a result, their children make mistakes, make wrong decisions and ruin their lives.

Parents should speak about friendship, affection, love, relations, sex, contraception, etc.

When children know about these things, they feel safer. They know about the consequences of unsafe sex and other related problems.

Of course, it is impossible to define the most appropriate age for dating, because all children are different.

Every young person has her own tempo of physiological and psychological development.