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Whereas, if they fill their agency with beautiful ladies who are waiting to deceive men not only will the agency make a great deal of money, because the lady always agrees to go out with the man, but its easy money!

Unfortunately, the vast majority of photos that you will see posted on most of the web sites are false profiles. They can be simply scanned out of fashion magazines such as cosmopolitan, copied or stolen from other websites, or simply purchased from photographers.

If a lady has several boyfriends like you shes making a lot of money every month and is living the good life.

The agencies are getting much more sophisticated in their false letters but youll still see some phrases like tell me more about your city. Youll also at least initially hear about not only how wonderful and fantastic you are, but initial sentences warning about some future economic catastrophe.The photographer simply sell the photos to the marriage agency and the marriage agency posts the photographs pretending that these ladies are really interested in marrying Western men.They have never met the lady and they don't even have her telephone number!Marriage agencies make quite a bit of money through their letter forwarding service.With rare exception all of these letters are written by the marriage agency themselves.When youre writing letters to these ladies youre really not writing letters to the lady but to some lady who scamming you at the marriage agency pretending to be your lovely future fiance.But of course remember they do have wringers their dying to be paid to meet you and will take you out on a great shopping spree and to restaurants she could never afford to go to.These ladies are making quite a bit of money and live here in their own country. Why would a marriage agency go to all the trouble and expense to get really nice ladies to join their agency?The marriage agencies are also making a bunch of money from introducing you to ladies who have absolutely no intention of marrying you. It takes an incredible amount of time, energy, and effort to find real ladies who are looking to marry Western men.In most cases these ladies will not want to meet the men who desire to meet them.So the marriage agency has to work very hard and wont make any money from the introductions.