Schecter dating serial number

Contrary to popular belief, Schecter never supplied parts to Fender nor Gibson.

In 1979, Schecter offered, for the first time, its own fully assembled electric guitars.

At the 1984 winter NAMM show, Schecter introduced twelve new guitars and basses, all based on Fender designs.

The most popular of these guitars was a Telecaster-style guitar similar to those that Pete Townshend played.

By 1983, Schecter had reached its custom shop production limit and could no longer meet demand.

K1249304 Hello all; would someone please let me know if this serial number is legitimate?

Do all signature series have the ESP logo on the back of the headstock?

All guitars have the "lawsuit" peg heads (two small marks on back of headstocks).

Schecter was still using Stratocaster and Telecaster headstocks, which Fender had allowed when they were a parts company.