Secunia not updating flash

Qualys says organizations using Microsoft Outlook should pay special attention to a newly patched bug in the popular mail program because attackers can send malicious email and take complete control over the recipient’s Windows machine when users merely view a specially crafted email in Outlook.

Separately, Adobe has issued updates to fix critical security problems with both its Flash Player and Shockwave Player.

It scanned my netbook and found several programs that it believed were out of date.Microsoft today released security updates to fix almost a hundred flaws in its various Windows operating systems and related software.One bug is so serious that Microsoft is issuing patches for it on Windows XP and other operating systems the company no longer officially it's working, but without a network connection, it will simply scan without using any factual update information, which unfortunately results in displaying an incorrect set of updates (or none at all).Because there's also a professional version of Driver Booster, some features are limited in the free version.The Mc Afee product installed right after Adobe finished.A few days later, I finally got around to trying it out.Separately, Adobe has pushed critical updates for its Flash and Shockwave players, two programs most users would probably be better off without.According to security firm Qualys, 27 of the 94 security holes Microsoft patches with today’s release can be exploited remotely by malware or miscreants to seize complete control over vulnerable systems with little or no interaction on the part of the user.Microsoft this month is fixing another serious flaw (CVE-2017-8543) present in most versions of Windows that resides in the feature of the operating system which handles file and printer sharing (also known as “Server Message Block” or the SMB service).SMB vulnerabilities can be extremely dangerous if left unpatched on a local (internal) corporate network.