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Thus begins a mounting feeling of something dark and ominous.Barron delivers in tone and atmosphere, and we sit tense through mysterious phone calls, missing vehicles, and missing persons.They drink some wine, relax, and recharge their batteries for the coming year.This year however, one of their party insists on a specific location.Similarly, the cultish Western monks who variously worship fish deities, refuse to let recruits leave their circle, sacrifice children, carry out violent initiation ceremonies and conjure/fight demons are repetitive.Unfortunately, the only story that attempted to focus on a religion other than Buddhism or Christianity the story of a colonial explorer who meets a Sufi guru was marred by racist and misogynist caricature, which made it rather unpalatable. Overall, though, the collection lacked the originality and energy promised by both the title and the introduction. In a deviation from the usual blood and gore of traditional horror, these short stories focus on the unpredictability of magic and how consequences can truly be horrific when one delves into the supernatural.It's subtle, and gently guides the reader into dark, eerie places.

Short stories are an excellent introduction to any author and his latest collection, The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All, is a must-read for new and seasoned fans alike.

We have a wonderful cast of characters and a fantastic set up.

A group of women make an annual road trip to a remote location in the Pacific Northwest.

This novel would work well in any adult horror or dark fiction collection of a general library.

Recommended There are 23 short stories in Monk Punk, mostly by emerging writers (some are first publications).