Shin ha kyun choi jung won dating

In KBS 2TV Monday and Tuesday drama series Brain, Shin Ha Kyun and Choi Jung Won are unfolding the hottest firm and sweet kiss.

Shin Ha Kyun and Choi Jung Woo is anticipated to act a powerful kiss in episode 6 of Brain.

The love line of ‘Kang Ji Couple’ that climbs vertically encounters repeated orders and trials for Kang Hoon, as such it does not made great development.

Besides suffering Ji Hye, Kang Hoon just cheers quietly, posing himself as reinforcement.

Brain was a really intensive drama yet i do love how you potrayed your character in it like.. I don't watch Her Legend since i don't really like the main actor since from Princess Hours but definitely loving your acting.. Hello :) I like your new drama series "HER LEGEND". your so pretty im just hoping you have a boy friend and his name is kim ji hoon well whoever it is lucky you for a man to have such a pretty did a good job casting in stars falling from the sky i mostly liked the part with you and kim ji hoon well good job.stars falling from the sky is my favorite movie forever. But the short-tempered Kang Hoon also wrapped bandage to the hand of Ji Hye who hurted herself during the research, appropriately convey his heart.– ‘Sparkling’ love ‘brain’After the CT scan of Ji Hye’s brain is made public, they confirm that deep inside their heart it’s full of happiess virus.Ji Hye who fell into love gives her heart to Kang Hoon.After Lee Kang Hoon failed to be appointed assistant professor, Yoon Ji Hye wants to console him. In the end, both of them suddenly kiss dramatically, showing the reversal effect of love line between two people at war.The irritable Kang Hoon’s “bubble gum kiss” touches the heart of Ji Hye, at the same time transform their relationship.The kiss of Kang Hoon with Ji Hye whose bubblegum is all over her face shows stormy fatal charm.The confession and energetic bubblegum hot kiss of Ji Hye and Kang Hoon evoked strong reactions, and triggered “brain fever” to spawn.– Love that loaded with bandage.Lee Kang Hoon (Shin Ha Kyun), who graduated from the top medical school, works at the top hospital, and is the top neurosurgeon around. However, once he meets his sunbae Kim Sang Chul (Jung Jin Young), the prickly genius doctor and world famous neurologist, he turns over a new leaf and becomes a sincere doctor. ) He has ambitions to become the director at his university hospital.i like your tandem with kim jung hoon in your series HER LEGEND i wish you two will real couple in future. Both of you were acting so well and I hope you will visit here in my country .. I am not fond of watching Korean Tv Drama series but your TV drama falling from the stars is the best.