Sober and dating

Pursuing a common goal together intensifies feelings of closeness. After I got sober, I worried I'd never have sex again.

But I know from experience that it doesn't facilitate real, meaningful intimacy.This may sound dramatic, the kind of grandiose proclamation a teenager makes before slamming the door to her room.But I'd ruined my sole romantic strategy: get drunk, see what happens.I met women through friends, at farmers markets, at yoga classes, and in parks.I opened up a whole world of potential partners by rejecting the belief that "in bars, at night" is the only way to meet women. Here are a few of the most helpful tips (and some of the most fun activities) I've discovered on my journey: A morning hike is great because you're more energetic and fresh.After taking that initial hiatus from drinking, I quickly started to become a health-conscious man interested in exploring the world through every possible vehicle — not just by "going out" and drinking.I was starting to become the kind of person I wanted to meet.Our conversations revolved around meaningful issues, which created a deeper connection.These smart, emotionally developed women started showing up in my life.Flirting was like any exercise: it got easier the more you did it.This wasn't the first time I had tried online dating.