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Fans of watched their relationship, including their marriage on the show.One source that confirmed the split shared the news that Barbie and Sheldon split up a few months ago and that Barbie is already moving on and dating other men.There's definitely a difference between a woman who happens to be in a relationship with an athlete and a WAG.The former probably has friends from other social scenes, and doesn't really know much about the athlete's lifestyle.In February of 2016, they went to Mexico and got married.

John Laurinaitis discovered her while she was modeling and pursued her to enter into the wrestling world. 's reality series WAGS may be best known for their relationships with professional athletes, but that doesn't mean their lives are only about romance.Each woman featured on the show is totally different than the others, and their careers range from stay-at-home moms to work-focused jetsetters who barely even see their significant others.The latter is a very exclusive, sometimes judgmental club where social status is determined by how long you've been in a relationship, if you're married, and if you have kids.Add that to incredible pressure to look great and spend tons of money on fancy vacations and spoiling those kids?Ashley's becoming something of a pariah among the WAGS because Dashon still won't pick a wedding date.Still no wedding, but after 11 years, I hope Dashon doesn't waste Ashley's patience — it sure seems like its taking a toll on her in WAGS.The source said that Barbie is even already going on dates with other guys.Barbie and Shelton got engaged back in August of 2014, but they didn’t get married until last year.It didn’t seem like anything could split these two up, but now the word is that they are over.She said that nothing had changed between them besides the fact that she could call him her husband.