Technorati not updating my blog

Technorati actually expects a bit of work from the blogger.

It doesn’t actually index via new blog posts by any known automated process; perhaps they are still keeping it a secret.

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Include a good quality profile (the search engine links back to your profile on every link).As for blog entries, you will wan tot post as often as possible (twice a day if practical).You don’t have to write a thesis; five lines could warrant an update.Otherwise, include this link in the body of your post to enable Technorati to read your tags.All things being equal, a little extra work on your blog may make it come up with surprising regularity under specific categories.As a blogger, should you bother to get indexed on Technorati?If you update your blogs every day, or at least once in three days, then Technorati is a good bet.The indexing tool is based on how users tag their blogs, so sometimes there is a lot of confusion when the results come out.With the top ranked (most recent) blogs probably containing irrelevant data, from a blogger’s perspective Technorati is wide open if you know how to optimize for blog search.If you do want the graphics ads — they are keyword based (contextual) and come up during searches, mainly on the top right and on the right of the page — note that Technorati announced very grandly in July that it is are downplaying its ads.Its service is not a cost per click program, but a "buy advert space" paradigm.