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The purpose is to take the place of the original folder that WAS named “Mio Map” that you just renamed “Mio Map2”. Your folder structure should now be “\My Flash Disk\Mio Map\Mio Map =AND= Mio Map2”. Now put your Mio DVD (from manufacturer) into your DVD drive and copy the folder contents of the DVD “Mio Map” folder (from location of “install/Mio Map” ) over to your empty created “Mio Map” folder.

You may have to create new folders, properly name them, then copy the contents into the created folders.

The guide has made hacking/unlocking Mio C230 possible and it has inspired other efforts for making Mio C230 a wonderful device to own.

In the first release, I did not tweak the desktop at all.

Thanks to Moon Bear, the unlock procedure is the easiest compared to previous releases.

This is the first release based on what I called i Mio theme. A lot of similar desktops are popping up after I published this release.Make sure you are transferring the files into the correct “Mio Map” folder.If you accidentally transfer to the wrong folder, your GPS unit will explode. Now create a folder named “Script” so your folder structure is now “\My Flash Disk\Script” (not “Scripts”). Ok, now transfer the folder contents of that “Script” folder into the empty one you just created.11.Make sure you are disconnected (the connect graphic should now be gone from the screen of your Mio, if it is still there, then you are likely still connected.When you are absolutely sure you are disconnected, you can pull the transfer cable out from your Mio).15.Although I’ve always refrained from doing so in the past, it seems to me that there should no longer be any harm in providing a backup copy of this “outdated” software DVD (within the U. only though) in exchange for a donation to my Coffee Fund (free S&H).NOTE: Before doing anything, obtain both the “Transfer_Mio_C250” -Hack- and the “Script_3.24r” from p=936930#post936930 For the “Transfer_Mio_C250” -Hack-, the link that you download from states “TRANSFER MIO C250 Hack”, but nothing downloaded states “Hack” in the name.That being said, the instructions below will state the displayed -name- of what is being accessed.0.If you do this, then you will not lose track of anything if you are following these instructions.This is because you can refer back to this step to see where the folders are. Connect your device to your computer and it should be recognized (indicated by the gold colored chain link looking icon in the lower right corner by your time clock.