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But after another day and a half, no more have appeared and the method I used does not work . However 54 of them would show the word open after I tapped the spinning circle.

Ok, once you are there, you will see two things: Those with blue cloud with arrow down and a spinning circle with a part missing. After waiting all night for the apps to download, I started going through and tapping on the ones with spinning circles.You can check installed apps for compatibility using the built-in checker tool (you need to be running i OS 10.3 or later for this to work, but not i OS 11).You can find that by clicking: Settings Applications.However, devices that I have wiped and reloaded a new i OS onto, and then installed and re-setup all my apps and such, feel faster and seem to suffer from fewer problems (such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi issues).However, wiping and reloading the apps and data is pretty big hassle, and it's probably more work than most want to undertake.While the release feels pretty good in terms of stability, performance wise things don't feel all that good.I'm seeing lags and frame drops on a regular basis across a wide variety of devices, and overall responsiveness still leaves a lot to be desired.There will likely be an update or two to i OS 11.3 coming down the pike over the weeks following its release, so you might want to wait for the dust to settle and for any last-minute bugs to be squashed before making the leap, especially if you rely on your device.If you don't like dealing with bugs, holding back for a few days might be the wise thing to do.From there, you'll get a list of all the 32-bit apps on your i Phone or i Pad that won't run on i OS 11.3.If you're lucky, you won't have any apps listed, or the apps that are listed will be old stuff that you forgot you had installed and no longer use.