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$link) $db_selected = mysql_select_db('my_db', $link); if (!

$db_selected) $result = mysql_query("select id, username from users"); if (!

The command line scripts in /code/admin/cli read the file's DB user to execute. After running the script, then re-edit the file this time commenting out ... of the lines that used super user credentials and make active again the original DB User/Pass by taking away the // in front of those lines. ;)'spirit of sharing', Ken If I re-call correctly with My SQL one can on a temp basis set some global setting for the session you are in as super user but that setting will not be retained if the DB server is rebooted ... To make the change where it's always there, edits to config file for the DB server need to be changed ... I do maintain servers that have the issue once in a while ... old code or some routine changing back to old compression.

I do have a dedicated server, but is there any other way to do it besides globally? The final grade percentage average is not appearing.

ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE" syntax, mysql_affected_rows() will return you 2 if the UPDATE was made (just as it does with the "REPLACE INTO" syntax) and 1 if the INSERT was.

So if you use one SQL request to insert several rows at a time, and some are inserted, some are just updated, you won't get the real count..

Note: =====On Mysql SELECT statement with Buffered queries, row Count will return the correct count of the items in the result set.

BUT if your query is unbuffered, than it will return 0.