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The woman, however, regains consciousness and is disappointed to find the man already dead.

To prepare for a fraternity farting contest, a college student hires a flatulence trainer known for his unconventional methods.

Also, the female models that were featured in the opening and coming up bumpers were removed as well.

The wording of the opening disclaimer was changed slightly from Season 1: " The stories portrayed in this show are based on real deaths and are extremely graphic." "Names have been changed to protect the identities of the deceased." "Do not attempt to try ANY of the actions depicted.""A woman decides to become a stripper after months of doing low-level temp work and not earning enough to support her dreams of being an actress.

The owner who discovers the tent on his porch opens it to find her cadaver.

Two terrorists plan to blow up a police station with a suitcase bomb filled with Semtex using a GPS timer.

Ford is really pushing the V6 Eco Boost program, and thought it was a great opportunity to debut both the Ford GT and Raptor with the 3.5L Eco Boost platform in Detroit, but make no mistake that the Twin Turbo V8 is on it’s way – I’m just not sure if we will see it in the 2017 Raptor, or the 2018.” What is really interesting, we are told – is that this Twin-Turbo V8 could possibly make it’s way into other models of the Ford lineup.

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A lesbian comes home to find that her lover burned their dinner for the evening.

While on a plane, the atmospheric pressure (along with most likely a weak pressurization system on the plane itself) causes the implants to expand and explode, blowing out the woman's chest and killing her from blood loss and heart exposure.

Two men under the influence of marijuana decide to play on a forklift.

Senate GOP leaders on Thursday pulled the plug on one of the president's judicial nominees over concerns about racially insensitive articles he wrote in college.

' Overheated' tone he apologized for One NFL team on Thursday reportedly added a section on 'proper anthem conduct' to team discipline rules that could allow for four-game suspensions.