When do willow and oz start dating

Mayor Wilkins III, may his memory be a snake-thing, would definitely disapprove of all the immoral liaisons going on in his town.

But before we get to the flying fur, let’s have a drink or thirty.

The caveguys have retreated to wherever Parker is, which is also, still, where Willow is.

They’ve brought some kidnapped women and some improvised clubs, and they bean Parker before he can attempt to pick up their conquests.

And Buffy turns out to support him, which is super nice of her, isn’t it? It turns out that not only can she mope about Parker anywhere at UC Sunnydale, but doing so seems to cause him to magically home in on her location and start coming on to the nearest woman who isn’t a vampire slayer.

She gives Parker that much-deserved bonk on the head, but only after she’s finished saving his worthless hide. Because, I gotta tell you, I don’t love that Oz also can’t help himself, even if that’s pretty much the point of being a werewolf. And the yucks continue, briefly, when we cut to the gang at The Bronze, discussing the comfy familiarity of their adolescent hangout. Veruca hits the stage and all the men are, like, “Buhhh.” Especially, as previously noted, Oz. We establish that they’re in love, so in love, it hurts how much in love they are. The two werewolves (did anyone not know who it was? When Oz wakes up and finds himself with Veruca, he’s deeply unhappy about it. This is when he realizes she doesn’t self-cage, which adds to his profound Oz feelings of horrid horribleness and horror. All those personality traits, especially the turning first to magic, before the shock’s even passed, are right there on the screen.

Even though they met when she dropped tomes on his head, Iowa’s sweet about getting drink all over his clothes.

He’s racking up the points for later in the relationship. One of the downsides of serving drinks to undergraduates, it turns out, are smug college guys who like to put the working man in his place. In time, she decides to have a drink with the meanie and his three friends.

Often as not we get a long teasy build-up of sexual tension.

Then it’s: The honeymoon comes and goes in the blink of a few episodes, and then one or the other partner is suddenly killed or up or decides all of a sudden that they aren’t in love, and/or the relationship can’t work because mystic surfers will never allow it.