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Success came fast and furious for the fledgling publisher, who was both tapping into and fueling the counter-culture bonfire that raged throughout the 1960s.

His Chicago mansion became a hub of outrageous activity, a Parisian salon set in a Roman bathhouse.

Before they successfully managed to rekindle things, Harris went on The Howard Stern show to talk about the break up and admitted that she was "not turned on by Hef." However, she later publicly apologised for her comments and told that the two were hugely excited about their impending nuptials in the lead up to the big day.

The former Playmate of the month was Hefner's third wife and slowly moved away from modelling during their five-year-long marriage, to pursue a career in blogging.

Raised in Chicago under the watchful eyes of conservative parents, a hormonal Hefner quickly found that his average looks could be overcome by a burgeoning talent for cartooning and an innate desire to challenge buttoned-down 1950s conventions.

Hefner first learned his way around a magazine as a copywriter for .

In the latter: weighty magazine interviews and features on leading cultural thinkers and the integration of his Playboy Clubs at a time when racial tensions were searing.

Beyond helping nudity go mainstream, Hefner also ushered in upscale consumerism with gadget reviews that would anticipate by decades magazines such as Gear.

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PT and released a statement saying Hefner died at his home of natural causes surrounded by family.All of what remains of the Playboy founder's fortune will be divided among his four children, daughter Christie and sons, Cooper, David and Marston.The rest of the money will be given to the University of Southern California, and various charities.The mansion became a second home for famous friends, ranging from legends such as Frank Sinatra to whoever was hot in Hollywood at that moment.His parties were infamous, costumed affairs that left little to the X-rated imagination. After a stroke in 1985 at age 59, Hefner throttled back on his raucous lifestyle and a few years later handed over the reins of his empire to daughter Christie.But when he was denied a raise there, he sold what little furniture he had and laid the foundation for a publishing empire.In 1953, a time when states could legally ban contraceptives, when the word "pregnant" was not allowed on featuring naked photos of Marilyn Monroe and an editorial promise of "humor, sophistication and spice." The Great Depression and World War II were over and America was ready to get undressed. PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jenny Mc Carthy Jenny described her experience of trying out to pose as a centerfold, when Hugh encouraged her to go home and practice because her face “looked like you hit a deer with your car. ” Jenny revealed that instead of trying to find her sexy face, she came back with a smile the next day and got the job. Hugh Hefner, the ultimate playboy who frolicked through life long enough to become an icon in his own time, died Wednesday night at the age of 91.The pair divorced in 1998, with Conrad taking a house nearby and her sons free to wander between their parents’ homes.Though proud of his eight years of fidelity, Hefner seemed happy at his new lease on the wild life.