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In short, stay the hell away from South Burlington if you're on your own, because it's not big on local entertainment either — unless you count touring the Ben & Jerry's headquarters, that is.(Which could be a boon or a total disaster, depending on your relationship with Chunky Monkey.)Yes, it's home of some of the country's best and brightest intellectuals (hello, Yale), but New Haven, Connecticut (ranked 78/182) isn't necessarily ideal for singles.According to Wallet Hub's calculations, the absolute worst city to live in for singles is South Burlington, Vermont.It came in dead last in the "Dating Opportunities" track, which means there are very few "active Tinder users," a dismal singles gender balance, a low percentage of singles in the population, and few online dating opportunities and mobile dating opportunities.Related: Golden Oldies: One in 10 Americans Dating Online is a Baby Boomer What also helped San Fran move to the top of the list is "the sheer number of singles that are there," said Gonzalez."There's also a pretty good gender balance, about 3/10th of a percentage point off from being 50/50 [men and women], veering slightly more male."That Orlando beat out Miami for second place is intriguing, given that Orlando doesn't have the same degree of happening nightlife as Miami.NYC came in 20th overall, but don't let it fool you.The city that never sleeps might allow for 24 hours of partying and rank number one for local attractions, but it also has some of the highest rents, the highest cost for alcohol, and the highest cost for eating out in the entire country.

After all, it's regularly billed as one of the most expensive U. Yes and no, and ultimately, the pros outweigh the cons."San Francisco is very expensive, but you must remember that people are also making more in San Francisco on average as well, which balances it out a bit," said Gonzalez.On the other hand, if your city is not compatible with your singlehood, you could be faced with an uphill battle.Here are some of the worst cities for singles to live in from data in Wallet Hub's survey — and why.Not only is it light on "Fun and Recreation" opportunities, but it also ranks awesomely low on Dating Opportunities, too.On top of all that, Glendale has some of the highest movie theatre costs in the country, so you can count out dinner and a movie if you're trying to have fun on the cheap.It's more families and couples who are further into their relationships," said Gonzalez. Greensboro has the second highest number of males that we saw [in all 150 cities surveyed]."Related: Different Dates for Different States?The study found that New York City ranked 26 out of 150. How could San Francisco be on the list of best places for singles and not the Big Apple?Add that to the fact that single women far outnumber single men at a ration of nearly 2 to 1, and female heterofolk are definitely at a disadvantage in the Big Apple.This suburb of Salt Lake City, ranked 51/182, has some of the fewest nightlife options per capita of any city Wallet Hub analyzed.The world isn't always a friendly place for single folks.Thanks to toxic, happily-ever-after romantic ideals coupled with the biological drive to procreate, paired up people are often viewed as happier, healthier, and more "normal" than those flying solo.