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Even when he was young Zach Braff wanted to be a film-maker. He first entered the industry in 1989, appearing in an unaired pilot called “High” alongside Gwyneth Paltrow and Craig Ferguson.The following year he appeared in an episode of “The Baby-sitters Club” and finished off his early acting career with a role of Woody Allen’s son in “Manhatten Murder Mystery”.

He reprised the role for the video game adaptation and Chicken Little’s appearances in the Kingdom Hearts games.

His parents divorced while he was young and have since remarried.

His brother, Joshua Braff, is an author with several acclaimed books under his belt.

Switching over to ABC and losing a few primary cast members, season nine was poorly received by critics, with most fans simply denying its existence, similar to how they only made one Matrix film.

Zach Braff appeared in only six of the thirteen episodes of season 9, though he did a voice-over wrap up at the end of every episode.